Sure – back up your data. But where?

Backing up one’s data is sitll something that enough businesses do not do. But on the other hand the smart business owners insist that their data is backed up on a regular basis. With so many options available – tape, online, another hard disk and etc where is the best place to back up your data.
Maxell, makers of CD, DVD and other media have said that more and more, small bsinesses are using DVD as a back up media.
The appeal of recordable DVD for small businesses is based on three factors: 1) Small business-appropriate pricing for both the drives and media; 2) The comfort level of optical disc technology based on the familiarity with CD-based backup; and 3) The versatility of DVD to support multiple applications in addition to data backup, such as video, photos, graphics, and audio storage.
The escalation of small businesses jumping on the DVD backup bandwagon in record numbers is a result of it being both affordable and a familiar consumer technology. A recent survey by InfoStor magazine revealed that 73 percent of those using recordable CD as a backup medium are evaluating upgrading to recordable DVD with its 4.7 gigabyte capacity, taking advantage of an almost 7x capacity boost in the same compact form factor.
“Almost half of all small businesses in the U.S. use CD-R/RW for data storage, including backup and an increasing number are adopting DVD,” said Wolfgang Schlichting, Research Director, Removable Storage at IDC. “DVD’s low media cost, combined with widespread compatibility, are the key factors for its success in small business data protection,” he added.
“DVD is a highly versatile, high-capacity technology platform that is perfect for small business backup requirements. It is also the ideal media for many other applications, such as catalogs, digital media production for training, and a delivery platform for media-rich presentations,” said Steven Pofcher, Senior Marketing Manager at Maxell. “Very quickly, recordable DVD is becoming an essential tool that small businesses cannot afford to be without.”
The acceptance of DVD backup is evidenced by the leading backup software vendors that have added recordable DVD support to their small business backup applications. Dantz Development’s Retrospect, NovaBackup from NovaStor, Veritas Backup Exec and Computer Associates BrightStor ARCserve Backup all support backup to recordable DVD media, offering small business users simple, yet powerful backup solutions to secure their business-critical data on durable recordable DVD media.
The transition to DVD backup is unlikely to slow down any time soon, with recordable drive prices dropping due to volume manufacturing. According to Japanese research firm Nikkei Market Access, global production of recordable DVD drives jumped almost 400 percent in 2003, and another 100 percent increase is projected this year to 7.4 million units. The arrival of multi-function recorders that support DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W formats in a single unit have further simplified customer buying decisions, offering a universal DVD recording platform.