PC EXPO and Tech X NY was much smaller this
year than past years – as expected. As usual, however, as I walked the show floor gems of technology stood out.
There’s three types of technology exhibitors at PC EXPO:
1) Brand name technology companies like IBM, Microsoft, Xerox and etc. 2) Small exhibitors that exhibit year after year like Toner Now, Disk Makers and others 3) Other categories include smaller not for profits like the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and Women In Technology Int’l(WITI) and others. This “other” category also includes many foreign companies that usually join together under one national banner.
Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the best technology, for small businesses, at PC EXPO
Hewlett-Packard – showcasing their wide range of technology solutions including on printing, computers and peripherals. I’ll have more on HP later on.

Computer Trouble Shooters sells a technical support franchise to consultants who sell to small and home based businesses. I’m guessing that their purpose at PC EXPO was two fold
1. To get more consultants to purchase their franchise 2) Build end user demand for Computer Trouble Shooters’ services

Bright Tools Inc – Disaster recovery solution, ED Tools Steadfast Instant Rollback, which acts as an “electronic safety net” to roll back your computer to a previous, working, state.

Migo – The makers of Migo, a tool that lets you have your computer’s data (files, email, desktop, my computers, and etc) on any computer you are at. Read my full 2003 review of this product which was introduced at last year’s PC Expo

Combined Tech’s Net Phone KTA 1001 – take your regular analog phone, combine it with your DSL connection and the Net Phone KTA 1001 and turn it into an voice over IP phone. Maybe you have two offices – one in Washington State and one in New York. Get two Net Phone KTA’s and talk for free over your DSL line.