Tell Your Web Designer Good-Bye and Do Your Web Site Yourself

More and more business owners understand that having a web site is a must. While the Yellow Pages are important for many businesses, it’s now only one of many marketing venues for a business.
A few years ago I would advise that for a very local business, a web site was not a must. But now, with the growth of online yellow pages, local listings by Google and Yahoo – EVERY business must have a web site.
The question comes up, however, how do I get my web site built. Do I build it myself or hire someone else to do it? If you hire someone, it’s going to cost a good deal of money – form hundreds to thousands, depending on what you want. If you want the next – hire someone. But if you have time to learn and want something relatively simple you can do it yourself like John Gillis did in the story below. Yahoo,, and so many others provide services to help you do this.
Have a look at “10 Web Site Musts” for more tips on web design.
John Gillis, owner of Saugus Homes Real Estate services, had a web site designed for him about a year ago, but he didn’t like how the web designer did it. On reason could have been is that the designer was not a “professional” but a “techie” who happened to know how to build web sites. One lesson learned is that if you hire someone to build your web site, use a professional web developer. It might cost more, but it’s better.

When John registered his web site domain name on he took advantage of their WebSiteNow service, an online tool that lets you build your own web site. John told me that he’s a novice, self taught computer user and at first was a little nervous about doing his own web site, wondering if he could even do it.
But starting at $5 / month for a 5 page web site or $49 per year, he took the plunge and used WebSiteNow to create his own web site.
He doesn’t plan to do much more with it, but will leave it as a digital brochure to let online customers know the basics of his business.