Verizon Wireless to Offer New PIM Functionality on Microsoft Windows Mobile Platform

A sold mobile technology solution WILL enhance your business’ productivity. With the increasing use of PDAs it is important to wirelessly enable them. I still use my trusty Tungsten E PDA and my lovely Gateway M320 notebook computer.
Verizon Wireless, announced it will offer an Enhanced Personal Information Management (ePIM) enhancement for Pocket Outlook on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 platform. This enhancement, exclusive to Verizon Wireless customers, gives business customers with Pocket Outlook utilizing Exchange Server 2003 four new and exclusive ePIM functionalities. Available with both Microsoft QuickStart and SmartStart programs for Exchange Server 2003 Mobile Messaging, the new functionalities include:
* Exchange Server 2003 global address list lookup;
* Meeting scheduling for mobile users with other contacts;
* The ability to view free and busy time of other contacts;
* Access summary information about a scheduled meeting after a meeting
request has been configured.
Verizon Wireless’ ePIM enhancement was unveiled last week to a select group of chief information officers at Microsoft’s CIO Summit in Seattle. ePIM is a handset-resident software add-on to Pocket Outlook and currently featured on the Samsung i600 and i700 devices. Verizon Wireless expects to offer additional Windows Mobile-based devices later this year.
“This enhancement provides Verizon Wireless enterprise customers with important capabilities as we differentiate our Windows Mobile service and device offerings in the marketplace,” said Cindy Patterson, vice president of enterprise data for Verizon Wireless.