What’s better: Linux or Windows

This argument is not nice and black and white like techs and media would want you to believe. Really, it depends on your business, your needs and the support you have. For some businesses going Linux is fine – they can handle the change from Windows to Linux have technically savvy users and have an infrastructure (reseller or in-house) to support Linux.
For SMALLER BUSINESSES who want to work in the main stream, go to their local Staples on occasion to buy software they might need, have an intern work on a PC – going Windows is best as for now, most businesses use it and it is infrastructurally more compatible with everything else the business would interact with, ie partners, customers, etc.
Information Week reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrote, “It’s pretty clear that the facts show that Windows provides a lower total cost of ownership than Linux; the number of security vulnerabilities is lower on Windows, and Windows responsiveness on security is better than Linux; and Microsoft provides uncapped IP indemnification of their products, while no such comprehensive offering is available for Linux or open source,” Ballmer writes.