Wireless Mobility and PDA vs Notebook

Today I was in my office, a hotel and major international organization. Guess what was common to them all? Wireless internet access. I had to do some configuration changes moving from network to network, however for the most part the wireless connectivity was a breeze.
This leads me to my second point – PDA vs Notebook. I’ve been using my Gateway M320, which is working just fine thank you, but wonder if I had a wireless PDA would I leave the notebook behind? I don’t think so.
With my notebook, I have a full keyboard can more easily browse web pages. I use FireFox (instead of MS Internet Explorer) so browsing many web sites at once is easy. I can also launch Word and PowerPoint to work on projects.
My point?
Although PDAs and smartphones are nice and are getting a lot of attention, especially with the launch of new Treo’s and BlackBerry’s – they can’t replace the full size and usability of a notebook.