Your Cell Phone Numbers are Safe with Verizon

I’ve often heard this on voice mail messages. “I’ve lost my cell phone, so I don’t have your number. Please leave a message and your telephone number” This begins days, weeks…months? of re-entering all the numbers you need on your new cell phone. What a pain.
Cnet writes Cell phone lost? Stolen? Left on a bus? Regardless, it’s gone. Making matters worse is the chore of transferring all that contact information onto your new phone. Usually, it has to be done by hand on cramped phone keypads designed for dialing numbers, not writing e-mail addresses.
Verizon Wireless said Wednesday it now will store updated copies of all that contact information for you, and make it available to seven models of phones as an over-the-air download. It also lets you update the information on the phone using any Web-connected personal computer.

Often times the simple things in life are best.