Archive of November 2004

Web Log Statistics – IT IS IMPORTANT

If you want to do well online, it’s important that you analyze the visitors coming to your web site. You need to know, in depth, who your visitors are, what ads brought in more revenue and etc. I use for my web analysis tool. A press release W Moore & Co announces the release […]

NetSuite Shines the Light on Its Customers

It’s one thing to read about the features of a product and service – it’s quite another to show how your customers are using it. Wouldn’t it be nice if MORE companies were to showcase their customers? NetSuite’s press release reads: NetSuite, Inc., the leading supplier of integrated on-demand business applications, today announced the launch […]

When Real Life Expos Fail – try virtual

ZD Net, CMP media and others have been producing events for a long time. Events are not easy to do as you’ve got to market to get attendees, find sponsors and then manage the entire logistics of the event itself. Virtual expositions, is one method ZD is trying. Virtual sounds nice, but in realit, nothing […]

Security Policies Keep Your Security Structured

In recognition of Computer Security Day, a recently published WatchGuard white paper lays out a common-sense approach to writing corporate security policies – making them easier to draft, maintain, and enforce. Network security experts agree that every corporation needs a prescribed security policy that sets appropriate expectations and restrictions regarding the use of corporate IT […]

Simple Precautions to Keep Your Notebook Running Longer

NoteFix, a division of Pre-Owned Electronics and a national leader in laptop repair, has identified the most frequent problems resulting from users mis-handling laptops or leaving their computers exposed to outside influences. According to NoteFix, nearly 35% of notebook computer repairs could have been prevented by the user. The top repairs include dropped computers, keyboard […]

Could over 4,000 readers be wrong?

Over 4,000 readers, subscribe to’s Avantgo channel! Avantgo provides channels of content (Wall Street Jounral, CNN,, etc) to mobile users via live or synchronized downloads. Get news on your PDA today! Click here

Soon: HP and IBM will sell PCs no longer

News Factor writes An expected slowdown in PC sales growth could result in three of the top 10 computer makers dropping out of the market, says Gartner. Market growth through the end of the decade will be about half this year’s rate, prompting companies like IBM and Hewlett-Packard to consider spinning off their PC units. […]

Does Your Web Site Build Confidence and Trust?

In my presentation “Building Business Class Web Sites” one of the first and most important points I make is “focus on the customers”. Many web sites are built with the “tech” team in mind and look fancy – but do not consider how the web site looks and functions from the customer’s perspective. A press […]