1and1 Web Hosting Gives MORE, MUCH MORE than web hosting

You may have seen the multi-page 1and1 web hosting ads in many business magazines offering VERY LOW web hosting rates and VERY FEATURE rich packages.
Well now 1&1 Internet, is putting more Web power in the hands of its users by adding state-of-the-art Interactive Tools to its shared hosting and managed server packages, and significantly upgrading its e-mail features at no additional cost.
Featuring DynamicSiteCreator and PDF2Web Converter, 1&1 Interactive Tools allow users with little or no programming experience to easily and affordably create high-end web sites that include the latest technologies. With DynamicSiteCreator, for example, 1&1 customers can generate entire Flash- animated sites. PDF2Web Converter gives businesses an opportunity to leverage previous investments in brochures and other printed materials by allowing them to easily convert such documents into Web pages.
“Our new features provide 1&1 customers with the competitive advantage of a more powerful web site,” said Andreas Gauger, 1&1 Chairman of the Board. “No other US web host offers such functionality for the same price, which gives us a unique edge as well.”
Additionally, 1&1 has made several improvements to the e-mail accounts included with its 1&1 Instant Mail, 1&1 Instant Website, Linux/Microsoft Shared Hosting, Managed Servers, eShops, and SharePoint Hosting packages. Effective immediately, these products will feature a mailbox increase to 1GB, the addition of IMAP advanced mail protocol — allowing users to access email from anywhere — along with Symantec virus protection and Spam filtering technology for all accounts.
“These enhancements allow our users to strengthen their Web presence with the latest technologies and a new level of e-mail communication, quickly and in a cost-effective manner,” Gauger said. “It’s another way we’re giving people more tools to create harder working Web sites.”
New customers will enjoy the new features upon signing up while existing users will see them automatically added to their accounts at no additional charge.