Arkansas Town Loses Data. Why? NO BACKUPS!

Well here’s yet another warning to BACK UP YOUR DATA. You’d think that a local municipality would have and could afford the resources to ensure their computer systems are back up, but NO. It’s expected that computers crash, but it’s not expected to NOT have a backup.
USA Today writes City employees will be paid this week, but only because finance workers labored Tuesday to write the paychecks by hand after a catastrophic computer crash, Mayor Raye Turner said.
The city lost six years worth of financial, legal and other important documents when the computer failed last week, Turner said. Backup features weren’t working at the time, unknown to city workers.
“We still have paper documents of everything so it’s more of an inconvenience than anything else,” City Treasurer Jennifer Humphrey said Wednesday.
She said the city hoped to have a new server in about 14 days. After that, employees will begin reinputting the data. The city plans to get new accounting software but that could take much longer to get up and running, Humphrey said. In the meantime, the city may have to hire outside companies to handle certain work, such as payroll and year-end tax reports.
Meeting in an emergency session Tuesday, the City Council authorized city officials to spend up to $200,000 for a new computer system. The council approved an ordinance that allows the mayor to negotiate with New World Systems to provide the software.

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