Book Review: Business Case for E-Learning (from Cisco)

Cisco’s latest book Business Case for E-Learning, The gives IT managers an excellent overview as to why and how to implement an e-learning program for their businesses. The book does not drill down into the very technical details of how an e-learning initiative could be implemented but offers and important academic outline of HOW and WHY.
True to its title, the book takes time to build the case for WHY e-learning is important and even walks through steps Cisco took to build its own e-learning program.
The case studies offered in this book, of Bearing Point & Toyota will give you some idea of what other businesses have gone through to make their e-learning programs a success.
The best practices section of Business Case for E-Learning, The is VERY important as it lays out the keys to a successful e-learning implementation – not the technology – but things like support from management, doing a pilot roll-out and goal oriented results.
As your business grows it is important to provide training for your employees. Remember I am not referring to just technology training (Word, Excel, etc) but also sales training, product training and other things. This helps them to be better employees and better employees make a better business.
You can buy the book directly from Cisco here