The Cordless Phone Tries to Catch Up to Its Cool Cousin

While you’ve been stuck on mobile phones, there’s many industries that still know the value of a cordless phone. Imagine you have a factory or a car dealership. Why go with cell phones when you can setup a system of cordless phones and connect customers with staff right on the sales or shop floor?
The NY Times writes “A cellular phone is a very personal device,” he said. “A cordless phone is more of an appliance.”
That perception has not deterred Uniden and other companies from attempting to raise the cordless phone’s technology status. XACT Communication, a maker of telephones, radios and satellite radio receivers, has recently introduced a cordless phone, the XG2500, that makes even the smallest cellular handsets seem bloated.
David Rose, the executive sales manager at XACT, said the company had noticed the growth in the use of headset telephones just over two years ago. Headset phones generally come in two varieties: some plug into a conventional wired telephone or telephone jack; others are specially designed cordless phones. But to Mr. Rose they share a common failing: the headset cord tangles easily. “I’d probably hang myself if I used one,” he said.
XACT decided the answer was to create a cordless phone so small that all of its components except for a recharging base could fit into a user’s ear.
Such a telephone would have to redefine “tiny” when it came to the size of its keypad. On this issue, Mr. Rose said, the project received some help from the cellular handset industry. The amazing-shrinking-cellphone trend has demonstrated to many callers that small keys can be usable.