Corel’s Word Perfect Office 12 Home Edition

Yesterday Corel launched “Corel Word Perfect Office 12 Home Edition”, an office productivity bundle for home users.

It comes bundled with several Symantec security products, Encyclopedia Britannica, Word Perfect Suite (spreadsheet, presentations and database) and other software to make your computing experience more productive.
Corel, knows that Microsoft World Perfect is the dominant office productivity on the market, used by over 90% of businesses. However, Corel has a loyal following of users, many in the legal and government industries. Corel continues to ensure Word Perfect is bundled with computers and ensure that Corel reaches into retail stores like Office Depot. It’s Dell bundling deal is working VERY well by the way.
For those looking for a great word processor, which happens to cost MUCH less than Microsoft Word (often 30% – 60% cheaper), Corel Word Perfect is the best there is.
Word Perfect’s non-intrusive help might be more welcome than the annoying paper clip assistant in Word.
Corel Word Perfect’s reveal codes make it easy to work in complex documents and manage detailed formatting. Microsoft tried to put something like reveal codes in Word but its version is not as god as Word Perfect’s. Many of you know that using the track changes feature of Word you can reveal what corrections have been made to a document. This has been quite embarrassing for some businesses. Word Perfect solves this problem.
Quatro Pro is no spread sheet slouch but is feature rich especially in chart creation functionality.
For those who must work with Word Perfect and Word, Corel has improved the engine that translates Word documents into a format Corel Word Perfect can read and back again. Most any document you bring from Word into Word Perfect will easily open. Of course, if you are working in Word Perfect you can save files into the Word format.
“Open Source” is popular and many are touting it as an alternative to Microsoft.
If you’re a small business and want to save money but use proven software. Use Microsoft Windows as your operating system and Corel Word Perfect Office.
Home users can purchase, “Corel Word Perfect Office 12 Home Edition” now, businesses should expect a bundle for them soon also. shows four video clips of businesses who make the wrong decision by buying Word.