Do Open Ports Scare You? Then Block Them.

If so, SmartLine Inc. today announced the addition of key audit and automated management features to DeviceLock, an endpoint security solution enabling system administrators to control end-user access to PC devices and ports including USB and FireWire ports and WiFi (802.11) and Bluetooth adapters. DeviceLock allows administrators to limit device and port access by specific user, time of day, and day of the week in order to address security vulnerabilities posed by users who connect external media such as flash memory, PDAs, music players and cell phones to corporate PCs.
The new Version 5.7 adds an audit function that gives IT staff a complete record of port and device activity, such as uploads and downloads by user and filename or URL, in the standard Windows Event log. When purchased for networks of 500+ workstations (Volume License), Version 5.7 comes configured for integration into Windows Active Directory as well as with a snap-in option for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). These new installation options enable organizations to readily manage DeviceLock settings from within their familiar policy management interface, while also eliminating the need to load another management console on their servers. The new release also includes a new batch permissions function called DeviceLock Enterprise Manager that allows rapid installation or modification of access privileges and other settings for large numbers of computers.
“The growing popularity of portable storage devices that connect through USB and FireWire ports presents a potentially enormous security risk to corporate networks, essentially making information available for the taking to anyone with physical access to an attached PC,” said Vladimir Chernavsky, CEO of Advanced Force InfoSecurity Solutions, the exclusive distributor of DeviceLock in the U.S. “DeviceLock addresses this threat flexibly, affordably and conveniently by enabling administrators to control access to ports and devices, and this newest release adds key capabilities that streamline the use of the software across large Windows networks with thousands of PC endpoints.”

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