Do you Instant Message – in the office?

It’s one thing to be up late at night instant messaging with someone, but what about in the office? Well it’s growing in popularity and it’s great. I’ve done it myself several times – in meetings or at other times for example.
USA Today writes Passing notes in the classroom is probably as old as formal education itself, but the advent of cell phones and other sophisticated handheld devices has elevated this communication to a digital art form.
The growing number of Web-enabled wireless hotspots at universities, corporate campuses, coffee shops and elsewhere has further enabled real-time, behind-the-scenes conversations, making them increasingly difficult to control.
Researchers have coined the term “digital backchannel” for the secondary electronic chatter that occurs in response to primary discourse from a main speaker or group. And they note that these conversations aren’t confined to the classroom.
They occur, for instance, when employees in various corporate locations send instant messages to each other during a conference call with senior management.