Do You Need Collaboration? Then unify with

By Joanna is a recently announced feature-rich collaboration tool. Main features include the ability to create databases either from scratch, CSV import, or by selecting one of several pre-defined templates, integrated database views and field-level permissions make control easy and accessible by granting specific users and groups the ability to view, edit and delete information and many more. The online database feature provides companies with a centralized, secure, location for online business applications.’s competition comes from and offers its basic package for $39.95 including 5 members and an additional $9.95 for extra members. Their plan for 1,000 members is $1,999 and an additional $7.95 for extra members. offers unlimited conferencing for $29.95 a month.
“Our new shared database offers enterprise-class functionality at a price realistically set for small and growing businesses,” said Steve Serra, CEO of eUnify Networks, “no other web-based database can provide such powerful functionality and unique group-based intranet. It’s the best of both worlds.”
The company also offers affordable database consulting services with pricing designed for small and medium sized companies. More features include polls/survey, messages, forums, shared databases, shared groups documents, discussions, announcements, and helpful calendar capabilities.
New features coming soon include mobile access and a project manager, which allows you to track projects.
“The ability to access the data remotely is critical to our business, as we are often at client sites,” Vicki Burke, President of Professional Computing Solutions, a computer-consulting firm in Chicago said. “The ability to give clients restricted access to some of the same information has given us another excellent customer service tool.”
Founded in 2001, EUnify Networks strives to provide world-class, hosted business applications in one integrated web-based solution. Their vision is to become a virtual organization providing software as a service (SaaS) to allow companies and organizations to focus on their core competencies and objectives. For more information, or for a 15 day trial, visit