Do You Use Older Versions of Microsoft Office? So do I.

On a regular basis, Microsoft, like any other company, pushes out new versions of its software – the grand-daddy being Microsoft Office. However, as ZD Net reports, the greatest competition for its new software might be older versions of its software.
Many users, like me, do not see a compelling reason to upgrade to the latest and greatest versions of Microsoft Office.
Psst – I even use MS Office 97 in some cases. Why? It works just fine. Who needs version 4 Nov 2005 to write a letter?
ZD Net writes As Microsoft preps another version of its Office productivity suite, a small group of software vendors waits for an opening in the competitive landscape. However, analysts suggest that the greatest competition to Microsoft’s updated software remains older versions of Office.
However ZD writes But in today’s market, the primary alternatives to Microsoft Office 2003 are Corel Corp.’s WordPerfect Office 12, along with’s OpenOffice and Sun Microsystems Inc.’s StarOffice, both of which share the same code base. “WordPerfect Office still has a very loyal following in medium-sized enterprise and government,” said Michael Silver, vice president at Gartner Inc., of Stamford, Conn.