E-Commerce Solutions: So Many Choices. How to Differentiate

Volusion provides a complete, customizable solution to run and manage entire e-commerce website for small-to-medium sized businesses. Volusion claims that there company’s products and services simplify the complexity of building and managing a professional, feature-rich e-commerce websiteóat a fraction of the cost of building a custom website.
There are so many e-commerce solutions on the market – from low end ones like PayPal, to those offered by Yahoo and other online services and larger scale solutions from Volusion, Kurant’s Store Sense and etc. I dug deeper into Volusion’s offerings in this Q&A with them below:
1. What differentiates Volusion’s solution from others?
Volusion offers the most complete, cutting edge solution to run and manage one’s entire e-commerce businessóall at one low price. Essentially, Volusion software gives customers all the functionality of an Amazon.com. The solution automates everything from order processing, to lead generation, marketing & tracking. It is completely search engine friendly, completely customizable, comes with built-in marketing tools, built-in phone ordering and POS functionality, real time inventory tracking down to the option level, completely secure, free unlimited technical support, free software upgrades and more.
2. Who are some of the top competitors to Volusion?
-Yahoo Store – Yahoo Store is generally used by entry level customers with hobby businesses. Additionally, Yahoo Store charges its customers a percentage of sales and has limited customization features as compared to Volusion.
-Storefront.net -Storefront.net is less robust and lacks many of the features of Volusion. They also charge additional for technical support as well as for software upgrades.
[Editor’s note: Trust me, there are MANY more] 3. Is this a hosted app or software?
Volusion offers their software as a hosted app and sells a full license version that comes with the complete source code. Generally, Volusion’s software is purchased as a hosted application. RackSpace is Volusion’s hosting partner to insure the highest reliability.
[Editor’s note: Rackspace’s customer service is just AMAZING. I recently wrote about them here] 4. How does Volusion market its products to customers – resellers, online, etc
Volusion has a direct sales group, works with resellers and supplements this primary activity with some public relations.
5. When looking for an ecommerce solution how can a business owner decide between one or the other?
This can be a long and difficult process and there is a lot riding on their decision. There are many things to consider such as price, features, functionality, scalability, support, reliability, ROI, current user testimonials, and much more. Most business owners review 5 to 20 ecommerce solutions before making a final decision. Customers, who choose Volusion, do so as a result of the incredible functionality that the software offer, the free support, the free software upgrades and the great price. In addition Volusion provides free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice to all its customers.
6. What are the pricing options
Volusion has several pricing options. The main difference has to do with the number of products and bandwidth needs. All the features of Volusion’s software are included whether the customer gets the Start Up Solution for $97 per month or buys the full license version at $5,995. The monthly pricing includes the software, hosting with Rack Space, free unlimited technical support, free software upgrades, etc.
Small Business Solutions
1-100 products = $97 per month
101- 1000 products = $147 per month
1001 + products = $197 per month
Corporate Solutions
Semi-dedicated server: Standard = $349 per month
Semi-dedicated server: Premium = $449 per month
Dedicated Server = $849 per month
7. Does it integrate with Quickbooks, Netsuite, others?
Currently, customers can import/export any order, product, or customer data. Within one month, Volusion will complete its integration with Quickbooks. There is no charge for the current solution or the coming integration as all Volusion’s software upgrades are free to existing users.

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