E-mail marketing is important: Can Your Service Provider Handle It

As you move your business to “e-commerce” and partner with a service provider who can help bring together your business units, it is important to consider email marketing. Sure you could use a third party email marketing service, but why? You should be able to conduct a robust online marketing campaign from within your e-business application.
I and many businesses use ConstantContact for our email marketing, those who have NetSuite now have another option.
With this in mind NetSuite announced today that it has become the first company to offer high-volume e-mail marketing capabilities within a CRM application. NetSuite Mass E-Mail Marketing enables companies to send hundreds of thousands of e-mails a month, and millions a year directly from within the company’s flagship NetSuite and NetCRM on-demand applications. By comparison, Salesforce.com only allows companies to send 100 e-mails at a time and recently announced expanding to 250 and Siebel On-Demand and Microsoft CRM offer no integrated e-mail marketing capabilities. NetSuite includes 120,000 marketing e-mails free of charge for each customer.
In addition, because NetSuite Mass E-mail Marketing generates e-mails directly from within the application, many other first and only integrated capabilities are also offered including:
∑ Group creation based on purchase history
∑ HTML or text e-mail templates with merge tag personalization
∑ Real-time, on the fly campaign adjustments based on target response
∑ Real-time statistics including receipt metrics, click-thru rates, response
rates, and actual revenue generated
∑ Reports on ROI by channel, offer, item or any custom data point.
E-mail marketing is the lowest cost, most targeted and personalized marketing tool available. While other CRM systems may provide some basic marketing campaign management, all require a third party solution to manage actual generation of the e-mail and any content beyond basic HTML templates. However, relying on third-party e-mail providers for these capabilities results in loss of control during the time when the e-mail is sent, weak analysis of results following a campaign, no native ROI tracking, and added cost from beginning to end.
The new NetSuite Mass E-mail Marketing breaks down these barriers and allows users to manage, optimize and analyze large volume E-mail Marketing with a single system:
“In an age where e-mail is the preferred communication vehicle of customers and prospects alike, it’s amazing that a function as basic as e-mail marketing is an after-thought in other CRM applications,” said NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. “By embedding rich e-mail marketing and analysis capabilities directly within NetSuite, something that is traditionally painful and expensive to manage is now a breeze. More importantly, now our customers can monitor in real-time not just how many new opportunities their e-mail activities have generated, but actually how many orders have resulted.”
“We know from experience of working in the nutrition industry that most people who begin an exercise program quit after three months,” said Dave Cadoff, director of marketing, NutriScience Corporation (www.nutrisciencecorp.com), based in Hermosa Beach, Calif. “Using NetSuite, we can target old or lost customers with specific e-mails based on what they used to buy. These campaigns are simple to launch. We set up our 14-day campaign in less than an hour. Prior to NetSuite, we would lose customers without knowing about it. Now with NetSuite we’re able to keep track of these customers and capture revenue we used to leave on the table.”
Pricing and Availability: NetSuite E-Mail Marketing is available now in both NetSuite and NetCRM. Pricing includes 120,000 campaign e-mails per year with larger e-mail volume bands available at an additional chargee.