Email Publishing In A Box Not As An Online Service

I am very familiar with email publishing services such as ConstantContact, which I use for email newsletter hosting and managing, but an appliance – that’s new for me.
Today, at the national industry show, “In-Box East’ ≠ the Email Event” in Atlanta, WhatCounts unveiled its latest email publishing appliance, called SMB Broadcaster. SMB Broadcaster is the first affordable comprehensive email publishing system for small and medium-sized businesses or divisions of large organizations.
The appliance is an alternative to ASP solutions and provides all the hardware and software needed to send, manage, measure and analyze a company’s entire set of email programs. SMB Broadcaster customers get a high-speed, 1U compact server with the dynamic, sophisticated WhatCounts publishing platform that is data center-ready.
“Data security and affordability have become two key drivers in permission email marketing,” commented David Geller, WhatCounts President and CEO. “Our customers asked us to provide a publishing platform that meets the analytic needs of marketers, the security requirements of IT, and the ROI of any CFO. We believe we have exceeded their expectations with SMB Broadcaster.”
SMB Broadcaster features advanced capabilities that help marketing and sales teams get the measurable results needed to demonstrate ROI on their mail programs:
o High-speed SMTP with Virtual MTAs provides the functionality to send high volumes of email very quickly and to assign delivery on a per customer basis to different IP addresses.
o Dynamic Content merges any customer data with outbound email.
o Deliverability Insight and Control allows customers to see where email is being received and at what rate it is being delivered across top domains.
o Integrated Bounce Management automates the processing of hard and soft bounce responses, as well as, unsubscribe requests.
o Advanced Tracking gives customers critical insight into how many and which parts of their email programs are opened and acted upon by customers.
o WhatCounts Publishing Platform, a highly sophisticated, easy-to-use permission email solution, supports marketing and sales teams throughout the entire cycle of email communications with their customers.