Fiber doesn’t make it to big cities yet

Right now your choice of broadband is DSL or Cable. You could also go wireless depending on where your business is located. The next phase is fiber – whenever it gets installed.
USA Today writes Don’t look for Verizon to bring its famed fiber-to-the-home wizardry to big-city dwellers anytime soon.
The reason: The technology isn’t suitable for apartment buildings.
“The technology is still being developed for multifamily units,” confirms Paul Lacouture, who oversees Verizon’s network. “We hope to get it by the end of December.”
Verizon, the No. 2 wireless carrier behind Cingular, hopes to use its fiber network to sell packages of voice, data and video services, including high-definition TV. Until the problem is fixed, it can’t go after such urban jewels as New York, Boston and Philadelphia, where much of the population lives in apartment buildings.
The delay potentially gives an opening to rivals, including cable-TV operators.