Get rid of your spreadsheet as a database.
Intuit updates subscription software product

Quickbase is a GREAT tool, I’ve used it before and like it a lot.
Cnet writes Intuit has released a new version of its QuickBase online project management software, incorporating e-mail reminder features, new set-up tools, and programs for professionals in certain industries, including real estate, property management and law. The Fall 2004 release, introduced on Monday, is available via the Web for a monthly fee of $249 for up to 10 users.
Intuit’s press release reads:
Twenty-five years after spreadsheet software was introduced to crunch numbers, corporate workgroups regularly use – or rather, misuse -spreadsheets to track data on projects, sales, engineering issues, marketing programs, customer support, operations, and more.
Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) today announced the immediate availability of the Fall 2004 version of QuickBaseÆ, directly aimed at workgroups managing their everyday business processes through spreadsheets and e-mail. QuickBase combines data, process, and communication management functions in a single, Web-based tool to give users centralized, accessible business management applications.
“The spreadsheet and e-mail combination is the easy-to-get-started, customizable solution for data and process management,” said Jana Eggers, general manager of QuickBase. “But it creates high costs in consolidation work, communication hurdles, and security concerns. QuickBase solves this pain, providing users with a quick payback in terms of reduced work, reduced errors, and reduced risks.”
“We are seeing a 25-to-1 payback with QuickBase – only considering direct time saved,” said Michael D’Amico, executive project manager, NCR Professional Services. “The real advantage is QuickBase’s ability to simply manage data and process together, rather than using spreadsheets for data management and using meetings, e-mail, and valuable time for process management.”
New Features
The latest QuickBase features include new capabilities that enable business users to be up and running with an application in a matter of days, often even hours.
* New spreadsheet- and database-style application creation make getting started easy, whether you think in terms of row and columns or fields and tables.
* E-mail reminders and a custom e-mail builder ensure communication happens at the right time with exactly the right information.
* Field- (or column-) level access permissions give ultimate control, so users only see information relevant to them, whether in the application or in e-mail communications.
* Eight new, ready-to-use applications for real estate, property management and legal workgroups add to the existing selection of 40 applications for project management, sales and customer management, professional services, marketing, IT and more.