Gmail Security Flaw Discovered But Shows the Benefits of Hosted Applications

A security flaw was discovered in Google’s email service, Gmail. But the neat thing is not that the flaw was discovered, you expect to find bugs and flaws in software. What this shows us is that hosted applications can be better, at times, than software installed programs. When a problem is discovered in your anti-virus program or Windows you must download an update. If a problem is discovered in a hosted application like Gmail,, or etc then the ASP simply corrects the problem. The next time you log on you are using the most recent update.
News Factor writes A security hole in Google’s Gmail service, which reportedly made it easy for hackers to access users’ e-mail, has been corrected, Google says. The security breach made it easy for hackers to obtain and exploit users’ cookie files.
PC World writes Online distribution is the wave of the future for many PC apps, says IDC research director Cushing Anderson. He also expects the large tech retailers, such as CompUSA, to eventually offer applications online–either in one chunk or in stages–as broadband continues to proliferate. However, “it will be many years before it becomes the majority of software sales,” he says.