How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company?

There’s so many web hosting companies from Yahoo,, and many more, how to know which one is for your business?
CEO Andrew H. Te of POWWEB, Inc, a web hosting and design company offers these tips when seeking a web host for your business:
ï Check on how much web space use is offered and what kinds of software it allows.
ï Will there be enough space for your images, ecommerce, graphics or a chat room?
ï Can you expand later without breaking the bank in monthly hosting?
ï Check to see how long the web hosting company has been in business?
ï Find out if there are any complaints against the hosting company at the Better Business Bureau.
ï Ask if you can contact the hosting company customers for testimonials or references.
ï Is the hosting company’s technical support department available 24/7 or weekdays only?
ï Learn what limitations the company has or restrictions and any hidden charges.
ï Ask how you can design your sign and load it on the hosting company server.
ï Inquire about bandwidth allocation-some have limits and charge more for more traffic.
ï Some provide FTP access while others might be complicated.
ï What is speed of access and reliability? If your site is down often, you’re losing business.
ï Look for a hosting company that offers a minimum uptime of “99 percent.”
ï Payment plans – monthly, quarterly and what is it going to cost your small business?