If you need technology help – call a GEEK

Technology is not easy and there are many business owners and employees who do not want to know about technology – they just want technology to work. What do you do when your technology breaks down and does not work as it should? It’s time to call in a geek. That geek could be your technology consultant or someone from the Geek Squad.
CNN writes The first time Bruce Dougherty tried to get his home wireless network up and running, it was a bust. The former marketing executive had to enlist his son’s help, and still there were problems.
So who did he turn to when he wanted a network upgrade?
“That’s my geek, Johnny,” Dougherty said happily outside his local Best Buy store, gesturing toward a young man in a snappy black-and-white Volkswagen Beetle emblazoned with a “Geek Squad” logo.
Best Buy’s Geek Squad employs white-shirted men and women with snap-on ties whose mission, for a fee, is to convert consumer wrath about complicated gadgets into warm and fuzzy feelings.
Like Dougherty, many consumers are warming this holiday season to expanded tech house call services offered by Best Buy Co. Inc., Circuit City Stores Inc., CompUSA Inc., and Dell Inc.