Intuit vs Microsoft Point of Sale Solutions

Intuit and Microsoft are both targeting retailers with their respective Point of Sale solutions.
You can get the details about Intuit’s POS solution here
If you are looking to see the differences between the two solutions, here’s one side of the difference, from Microsoft. I hope to get Intuit’s input later on.
Microsoft Retail Management System uses an indirect sales channel, which offers an extension of support to users through Microsoft Business Solutions and the partner.
Microsoft Retail Management System uses Microsoft SQL Server, an open database engine allowing customers access to their data. It is not held hostage.
Microsoft Retail Management System allows for an indefinite number of items, suppliers, customer records in the database. QuickBooks POS tops off at 14,000.
Microsoft Retail Management System licensing dictates the number of POS systems running at one time and allows for unlimited back office access. QuickBooks POS caps the network access to 5 simultaneous users and requires additional POS users to be purchased.
Microsoft Retail Management System is hardware agnostic. We endorse customers selecting their own hardware brands, while QuickBooks will only guarantee the hardware sold with the bundle. We believe small and mid-market retailers need the flexibility to make their own hardware choices.
Microsoft Retail Management System is built to operate from the shopkeeper?s point of view, which allows better visibility into all aspects of their store. QuickBooks POS is built to run from the bookkeeper?s point of view.

3 thoughts on “Intuit vs Microsoft Point of Sale Solutions

  1. Kris

    I’ve been using Intuit’s POS version 3 and version 6 for a long time. These programs are complete garbage for a shop-keeper. Only buy them if you don’t care about your business. I have had nothing but trouble trying to get it to work. The only real solution has been ignoring the problems. From inventory problems (where the program cannot add or deduct inventory correctly) to customer account issues (arbitrarily giving customers lots of money on their account) to miscalculating the tax. It may seem completely crazy to hear these things. If you would like to experience hell and extra work hours fixing Intuit’s overpriced product – then buy it. I still can’t believe the constant problems I find in the product. I am switching to another POS program.

  2. Tenzin

    Intuit POS Ver 8 seems good. I got the trial, but software is very expensive. Try free POS called ‘Openbravo POS’. Looks really nice. Just google search it. Its open source. Good luck

  3. NickN

    Have had bad luck with Microsoft RMS. I would look long and hard at it before buying. Every year you are forced to purchase a service plan around a couple hundred bucks (or go on your own without bug fixes — and there are many). If you let your service plan expire with the intention to buy one again if you need/ want one, think again. You’ll be charged enormous penalty fees.
    All sorts of support and training is advertised, but is nowhere to be found. The Microsoft website is impossible to navigate (like their normal website, but way worse). The customer service representatives seem to work hard at not giving you assistance–long delays and short, unhelpful answers.
    It’s been a mess. We’re evaluating quickbooks, but it sounds like they really aren’t much better.

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