Is Dell’s winning streak in jeopardy? Read the Inc 500 hall of fame for help.

Dell is a great company and is often touted as the poster boy for efficiency, low prices and all is that’s great for a computer vendor.
However, Cnet reveals in an interview with Dell’s CEO, Kevin Rollins, that this sustained growth might not be able to continue.
Cnet writes But Rollins will be hard-pressed to maintain Dell’s winning streak as the company continues to diversify its business. For instance, Rollins wants to drive prices of big-screen digital televisions down to under $1,000, which would bring Dell into fiercer competition with consumer electronics giants such as Sony and Samsung. He admits most of that equation is out of Dell’s hands and rests instead with screen makers.
Also, Dell’s growth may be eventually hindered by a relatively limited talent pool. It’s a concern that gives Rollins pause. Still, there are a few more future opportunities for Dell that Rollins has his eye on, including digital cameras and smart phones.

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