Jim Blasingame Celebrates Seven Years as The Small Business Advocate!

Smallbiztechnology.com wishes The Small Business Advocate many more successful years!
This week The Small Business Advocate Show celebrates its seventh anniversary. Created by award-winning host, Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate Show is the only nationally syndicated program that talks to America?s entrepreneurs every weekday, plus a world-wide Internet simulcast and on-demand archives. The show airs live from 7-9a.m. Eastern, Monday-Friday, plus a 24/7 rebroadcast over the ABC Starguide III satellite.
Blasingame conducts over 1,000 live interviews annually with his 400+ member Brain Trust, the world?s largest community of small business experts [Ramon Ray is a member of that brain trust]. The Small Business Advocate Show is the flagship brand of the media company, Small Business Network, Inc. (SBN), of which Blasingame is president and founder.
?When we began,? says Blasingame, ?we wanted to provide a home for the heroes of the marketplace ― entrepreneurs ― where they could find information, inspiration, and the resources they need to start, run, and grow their small businesses. Thanks to the support of our audience, the Brain Trust members and our corporate partners, we?ve accomplished that goal and are continually working on new and better ways to support small businesses.?
For the last two years, Blasingame was selected by TALKERS Magazine as a member of the Heavy Hundred, the 100 most important radio talk show hosts in America.
?Jim Blasingame is clearly one of the best in our industry,? said TALKERS? Editor and Publisher, Michael Harrison. ?Jim?s show is superb. He?s a talented broadcaster and an excellent interviewer, and as the only weekday talk show in America dedicated to small business, makes a very important contribution to the marketplace.?
Blasingame is also a high-energy keynote speaker, syndicated columnist, and author of Small Business Is Like A Bunch Of Bananas (SBN Books ©2002) and the upcoming book, Three Minutes To Success. On the air, on the Internet, in print, and in person, Jim Blasingame is the voice of small business.
SBN produces and distributes multi-media small business resources worldwide, including The Small Business Advocate Show. The Small Business Advocate Show is sponsored by IBM, Office Depot, and Palo Alto Software. The SBN Web site is www.jbsba.com