Linux – another interface for end users

Linux is taking the server market share by storm and is increasingly being used by companies to host web sites, databases, mail servers and other back office, server based applications. But on the desktop, Microsoft Windows still reigns supreme and will do so far into the future.
One reason for this lack of use, other than a lack of applications, lack of ease of use, and other things (like awareness and marketing) is the lack of a good interface for end users. Much of the use of Linux had been done in a black and white, DOS like, text based command prompt – not a graphical interface like Windows.
But recently companies have launched graphical interface solutions.
CXOTdoay, writes After Red Hat?s ambitious entry into the desktop space, its now Novell?s turn to flex some muscle. What remains to be seen, however, is whether it leads to guts or glory.
Novell has announced the launch of its Linux Desktop 9.0 for enterprise customers. Powered by SusE Linux, the desktop will provide customers with an end-user operating system, office applications, and productivity tools.