Linux Server Sales Continue To Rise

Although Microsoft is still a dominant force in the server and desktop computing marketplace, Linux’s share of the market is growing. Depending on whose research you look at, it is cheaper and is perceived as being more secure than Microsoft Windows. writes According to a report by analysts IDC, quarterly sales of servers running the Linux operating system topped $1bn (£533m) for the first time during the third quarter of 2004.
With year-on-year revenue from Linux server sales up 42.6%, Linux accounted for more than 9% of the $11.5bn in servers sold worldwide during the quarter, which ended 30 September, the research firm said.
The server market as a whole grew by 5.5% compared with last year’s figures, an indication that IT spending is on the rise from the conservative levels that IDC has tracked over the last few years, said Vernon Turner, group vice-president and general manager of enterprise computing with IDC.