Microsoft Business Solutions Adds Wells Fargo, Bank of America And Paymentech as Microsoft Retail Management System Preferred Acquirers

Microsoft’s new retail management solution is going full force and not sitting still. What does this mean? Professional service firms are not getting all the attention but there’s a whole market for “cash register” businesses. Businesses that want to grow, need to have intelligent technology not only in the back office, but at the FIRST customer touch point – the cash register also.
What will Inituit do to guard its flank. Microsoft has money and an army of consultants to sell the solutions. Intuit does not have the later.
With that in mind, Microsoft Business Solutions today announced it is adding availability of comprehensive payment processing for businesses that use MicrosoftÆ Business Solutions Retail Management System 1.2. In addition to Citi Merchant Services, businesses that use Microsoft Retail Management System 1.2 and have an Internet connection* will have access to fully integrated card-processing capabilities from BA Merchant Services LLC, Paymentech and Wells Fargo Merchant Services. Developed for small and midsize independent retailers, Microsoft Retail Management System 1.2 is an easy-to-use, affordable way to automate single- or multiple-store retail businesses.
The three new preferred acquirers and Citi Merchant Services, which in 2003 began providing services to merchants using the solution, will offer fully integrated credit and debit processing to retail merchants using Microsoft Retail Management System 1.2 with Service Pack 2 installed. Thanks to the agreements announced today, merchants who use Microsoft Retail Management System 1.2 will no longer need to acquire and install costly middleware, such as standalone payment applications, which are typically used to integrate payment processing. Moreover, merchants who use the solution will no longer need a credit card terminal or dedicated phone line for transaction processing.
Additional feature benefits include native integration for payment processing support from within the product. This includes setup and configuration of the merchant activation information and integrated settlement for credit and debit transactions. With competitive rates for merchant services, streamlined point-of-sale processes and integrated payment processing, Microsoft Retail Management System 1.2 will result in more efficient operations, reduced operating and labor costs, and increased customer satisfaction. The preferred acquirers also are offering customer service representatives who are specifically trained to assist businesses using Microsoft Retail Management System 1.2.