Microsoft Leads Palm – RIM follows both

Although I favor Palm PDAs (it’s so simple) over Microsoft’s PALM operating system, Microsoft is quickly gaining marketshare in the PDA space. Corporations who I suspect are feeding this frenzy might have a tendency to purchase Microsoft PDA’s to enhance compatibility with their existing Windows infrastructure.
Information Week writes Microsoft shipped 1.38 million units of Windows CE in the quarter ended Sept. 30, accounting for 48.1 percent of the market, researcher Gartner Inc. said Friday. PalmSource trailed far behind with 850,821 units, or 29.8 percent of the market.
During the same period a year ago, PalmSource shipped 1.2 million units, 46.9 percent of the market, compared with Microsoft’s 1.04 million units, or 41.2 percent.
The switch was not a surprise, given PalmSource’s focus on supplying an OS for advanced cellular phones, called “smartphones,” that contain many of the same features as PDAs, such as contact lists, personal calendars and email. PalmSource’s Palm OS is used in smartphones from PalmOne Inc. and Kyocera Wireless Corp.