More on the OQO – the smallest computer

There’s already been so much written about the OQO, but I think it’s good to give you a bit more information on it to help you decide if it is for you and your business.

The Washington Post writes The OQO shakes up the whole notion of portable computing. While less expensive Palm-style organizers like PalmOne’s Treo run on tailor-made mobile software and synchronize data with a “real” PC, the OQO can work with the same software as an office or home computer.
Out of the box, it can connect to speedy Wi-Fi wireless networks, link up with cameras, camcorders and printers, and can be docked to work with a full-size monitor and keyboard. On the go, the OQO has a full keyboard that slides down from the screen, a stylus to run through menus, and mouse buttons.
Yet as might be expected in a device called the “Model 01,” the OQO has fallen short of many reviewers’ expectations. For one thing, it has no built-in floppy disk or CD drives, so it needs an add-on to install software (unless the software can be downloaded from the Web).

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