NetSuite Shines the Light on Its Customers

It’s one thing to read about the features of a product and service – it’s quite another to show how your customers are using it. Wouldn’t it be nice if MORE companies were to showcase their customers?
NetSuite’s press release reads: NetSuite, Inc., the leading supplier of integrated on-demand business applications, today announced the launch of NetSuite Holiday Mall, showcasing leading e-tailers that are using NetSuite to automate their ecommerce operations. Thirty-seven NetSuite online retailers joined the Mall featuring products spanning a spectrum of categories from accessories/clothing, children’s products and electronics, to entertainment, food/beverage, lifestyle retail, and sports. A 10 percent discount is being offered by all participating merchants to online shoppers. Over the past ear, more nearly $100 million has been transacted by the millions of visitors who have shopped at sites driven by NetSuite’s Ecommerce capabilities. NetSuite is the first and the only on-demand business application that enables ecommerce companies to deliver an experience at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, NetSuite promotes them to a wider consumer base to increase their bottom line. Shoppers who visit the site via NetSuite’s Holiday Mall Portal will receive 10 percent off on all purchases* (see terms and conditions below).