NetSuite’s Reseller Q and A

Like any good software company, NetSuite is building up a channel of resellers to sell its software deep and wide into the small business market. Below is a bit of NetSuite’s press release. Following this is a Q&A on their resellers.
NetSuite, Inc., recently announced significant reseller wins by signing up more than 50 experienced resellers worldwide. This list includes Clifton Gunderson, the 12th largest CPA and consulting firm in the U.S., Premier Design Systems, Inc., World Caliber Business Services, and MD Technical Resources. Having extensive experience spanning a whole pectrum of hardware, client server software resell and implementations for large enterprise companies, these resellers have expanded their expertise to bring value to end user companies with NetSuite. The new wins are a testament to the fact that NetSuite’s approach to deliver on-demand software as one system including ERP, CRM and ecommerce is the future of software. For more information about the new wins please go
Here’s a bit more about NetSuite’s reseller program via a Q&A to NetSuite:
1. How many of your sales go direct? How many via consultants in general
Approximately 20% of all sales are from partners, while 80% are from the direct sales team.

2. What is the role of the consultant? What’s a typical engagement like and how long does it last?

Our solution providers deliver a full host of services. Pre-services such as: needs analysis, system evaluations, product demonstrations, purchase options, process engineering and business consulting. Post-sales services include: implementation, data conversation, data migration, customization, integration services, training and on going
Engagements can last anywhere from 2 weeks to over a year depending on the project. Many of these solution provider’s customer engage the partner for on-going services.
3. Those who buy direct from Netsuite, how do their needs differ from that of one who goes through a reseller?
Customers that purchase directly from Netsuite do not require face-to-face services. Customers who purchase from solution providers want both pre and post sales services delivered in person.
4. What kind of training do resellers receive?
Netsuite solution providers receive 1 week of extensive technical training and one week of sales training. After the technical training partners are required to pass an assessment, and well as complete an implementation case study.
5. Are they resellers or simply passing leads?
The Netsuite solution provider program is a reseller program.