New Small Business Accounting System Available at No Cost to End-Users

Things that are free, especially an accounting system, I would be VERY careful about using. With this in mind I want you to know that Choice Accounting, is being offered for free by People’s Choice Accounting. Choice Accounting includes most of the Banking and General Ledger features required by small business owners to complete their bookkeeping and accounting according to People’s Choice Accounting.
Choice Accounting has the ability for distributors to promote their products and services from within the program via menu options. For instance, a forms producer may offer the program to their customers and have forms ordering information available at the user’s fingertips.
“The unique no-cost angle of this system will allow us to penetrate markets that were previously unattainable”, states Roger Leistad, President of Choice Technologies. “Not only will we be able to substantially increase our user base, but will are attracting a new breed of distributors that want to offer a valuable premium to their small business clients, such as banks and accounting firms.
The company expects to derive revenue from customers wanting to upgrade to more sophisticated products as their needs grow or expand, purchase support, and order checks and forms. Additionally, resellers and various types of businesses will purchase the program in bulk for distribution to their customers.
Choice Accounting is available for download for no cost at