An Online Business Isn’t Just a Web Site. It should be a TOOL to grow your business.

If you still have the same web site you’ve had up for years and it’s only a brochure of your business you are NOT using your web site like you should. It is an undervalued asset. If this was an employee – you would never let that happen, would you? In speaking and writing I’ve often advocated that smaller businesses need to get up and leverage technology as a tool to grow their businesses. Their web site is one tool that so often could be doing more for the BUSINESS.
Joe Connoly of WCBS News Radio 88 and the Wall Street Journal writes Doing business online means much more now than having a Web site, say business owners.
For instance, it allows remote access to your business from wherever you are. Chaz Popovich, vice president of N.Y.-based OSI Technologies Inc., says his company does much of its technology-consulting work remotely.
The firm also uses site-tracking software to know on a daily basis whether its own Web-site traffic is coming from advertising, search engines or directory listings.
Doing business on the Web also means making online presentations, sending electronic newsletters and billing online, says Paula Majerowicz, president of eCorexperience, a Web-design consulting firm in Dutchess, N.Y. In addition, the Internet can provide businesses with a virtual office environment so employees don’t have to go to the office every day, she adds.
A business without a Web presence could be losing business. “Many of our small-business clients still perceive e-commerce [as something] for large companies, but it’s not,” says Ms. Majerowicz.
A lot of customers guess a business’s Web-site address and type it into a Web browser or search engine, says Ms. Majerowicz. If they don’t find your Web site, it’s like not being listed in the phone book.