Search Engines – check out the smaller ones too!

Often times, when marketing online the online options we think of are Google, Overture, Yahoo and other “big name” marketing solutions. However, James McDonald, a contributing writer to Web Pro News writes The days of so-called ‘smart advertising through PPC’ is all but gone. The ‘Big Boys’ of the Internet (i.e., Google, Yahoo, MSN and the rest) have driven the market to new heights and basically made it impossible for anyone smaller than IBM or Microsoft to make it in this realm. Are we stuck in an impossible web of banner exchanges, fruitless ‘safelist’ emails, or even (gulp!) to the lower depths of SPAM itself? I say NO! No, no, no!!
We need to open our eyes to the little guys. There are other search engines out there, engines that are desperate for our eyes to look upon them and say, ‘Hey! Let’s try this one!’ Most, if not all, of the so-called ‘little search engines’ are hooked up to receive massive amounts of search engine results. Do we really need Google or Yahoo’s return rate of 15,000,000+ search results when we barely have enough stamina to get past the first three pages of listings?