Security Policies Keep Your Security Structured

In recognition of Computer Security Day, a recently published WatchGuard white paper lays out a common-sense approach to writing corporate security policies – making them easier to draft, maintain, and enforce.
Network security experts agree that every corporation needs a prescribed security policy that sets appropriate expectations and restrictions regarding the use of corporate IT assets. In WatchGuard’s experience however, the actual writing and maintenance of the policy gets bogged down with bureaucratic inefficiencies and other pointless wrangling – and either the policy is not totally agreed upon or is abandoned all together.
WatchGuard’s white paper outlines the strategies and methods that companies can use (maximizing their in-house knowledge and resources and not turning to outside consultants, which is a rising trend of late) to produce a brief, usable, and most importantly understandable policy document, in a reasonable amount of time.
If you were planning on covering Computer Security Day this white paper could serve as a nice backdrop to your story. Or, perhaps you’d be interested in speaking with someone at WatchGuard regarding the difficulties that corporations endure when drafting a network security policy and the simple, cost effective steps they can take to remedy – please don’t hesitate to contact me in either case.
The white paper can be found online at: