Simple Precautions to Keep Your Notebook Running Longer

NoteFix, a division of Pre-Owned Electronics and a national leader in laptop repair, has identified the most frequent problems resulting from users mis-handling laptops or leaving their computers exposed to outside influences. According to NoteFix, nearly 35% of notebook computer repairs could have been prevented by the user.
The top repairs include dropped computers, keyboard spills, sheering of the AC port by quickly moving the laptop beyond the reach of the power cord, inserting or mis-oriented a wrong network card or USB connector into its slot, not keeping the anti-virus software current, operating the laptop in a dusty and dirty environment, and not defragmenting hard drive or clearing memory of cookies and temp files. These relatively simple precautions will keep your laptop running longer and spending less time in a repair shop.
For notebooks that have these problems already, NoteFix has an innovative, Internet-based high-speed laptop computer repair service with 20-day “fix it or replace it guarantee.” NoteFix offers quick laptop repair, with a turnaround time of 48 hours on nearly all notebook computers thanks to their on-site inventory of laptop replacement parts. The company’s flat-rate pricing model ensures most laptop repairs will be completed for less than $350. If NoteFix cannot fix your notebook computer in less than 20 days, they will replace it with a similar laptop computer of like configuration and capabilities — subject to specific terms and conditions.
For more information on how to run the software tools installed on your laptop, as well as other precautionary measures, please visit the Resources section of the NoteFix website, at