Soon: HP and IBM will sell PCs no longer

News Factor writes An expected slowdown in PC sales growth could result in three of the top 10 computer makers dropping out of the market, says Gartner. Market growth through the end of the decade will be about half this year’s rate, prompting companies like IBM and Hewlett-Packard to consider spinning off their PC units.
The PC business is TOUGH and only those who can establish the most efficient supply chain process can afford to compete in business. The KING of efficiency and manufacturing is DELL.
The article further reads The top 10 global PC vendors, according to Gartner, are Dell Latest News about Dell Computer, HP Latest News about HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens, Toshiba, NEC Latest News about NEC, Apple Computer Latest News about Apple, Lenovo Group and Gateway. Of those, only Dell has registered consistent profits in recent years, researchers said.