Spam Free E-mail. Is it possible? Yes.

I get hundreds of spam messages per day and have got used to simply deleting, deleting, deleting. You might have seen my recent post about challenge response systems and the piece I included from DigiPortal, makers of anti-spam tool Choice Mail.

Well, today I had about enough of the spam and in a blind rush of frustration downloaded and installed ChoiceMail.
Well for sure I have no spam – that’s the great part. But the down side is that I have to regularly check ChoiceMail to approve email I get that should get through and make sure it’s not in my “spam” or junk folder. Eudora, the email program I use does come with a spam tool, but I have not tried it out yet.
The main part of the “training” process will be letting ChoiceMail know about the dozen or so email newsletters I receive and ensuring they get through. Everyone else who sends me an email who has not yet been approved gets an email back asking them to confirm their identity. Once they confirm their identity their email message will get through to me.
I’ll try ChoiceMail for a week – maybe the challenge response system is not bad after all.
If this works, imagine how life will be – I’ll be opening up Eudora and only reading REAL email that I want. No more email from spammers!!!