Spyware is STILL a problem for many. Is it for you?

Many users are still plagued by spyware and it can be a pain to eradicate. Often times, users inadvertently ASK for spyware by downloading some free tool, like a clock or screen saver. This free tool is actually spyware.
Forbes.com writes The people who call Dell Inc.’s customer service line often have no idea why their computers are running so slow. The ones who call America Online Inc. can’t necessarily explain why Internet connections keep dropping. And those who file error reports with Microsoft Corp. don’t always know why their computers inexplicably crash.
Sometimes, the company that gets the complaint is rightly to blame. But with alarming frequency, officials at these and other technology companies say they are tracing customer problems back to one culprit: spyware.
In the past year, spyware problems have become especially pernicious, leaving companies scrambling to respond to customers who don’t necessarily realize they have spyware.
Companies are concerned about the cost of dealing with such calls. But perhaps more worrisome, they fear customers will wrongly blame them.
Spyware generally refers to programs that land on computers without their owners’ knowledge. They can deliver hordes of pop-up ads, redirect people to unfamiliar search engines or, in rare cases, steal personal information.