Ultra Quite and Cool Gateway Computers

Since Gateway recently launched an improved series of computers that are quiet (silent – trust me I heard it myself) and cooler than previous models the loud whirring of office desktop PCs could soon be replaced by the sounds of silence, thanks to the launch today of Gateway’s next-generation E-Series desktop line.
The newest Gateway(R) E-Series PCs not only feature the latest Intel chipsets and manageability features, but also offer a model based on BTX (Balanced Technology Extended) — a next-generation chassis that uses larger, quieter cooling fans and provides ample headroom for today’s faster- and hotter-running processors and other internal components.
Gateway professional customers benefit from BTX by having a cooler PC more resistant to the component breakdowns caused by excessive heat. In addition, many customers will now be able to rethink how they deploy desktops in traditionally quiet areas, such as lobbies, libraries, medical labs and classrooms.
“Not only are PCs using hotter processors, but many systems also have dedicated graphics cards and multiple cooling fans. This growth in performance and power consumption has led to greater complexity, more noise and more frequent component failures,” said Roger Kay, vice president of client computing at IDC. “Gateway, which has done pioneering work on the BTX chassis, has been able to stay on the performance-growth curve with a cooler, quieter desktop.”
Gateway is introducing three new models in the E-Series desktop family: the E-2300, E-4300 and E-6300. All three offer manageability features that professional customers demand, such as configure-to-order, tool-less chassis, 12-month-plus lifecycles and preloaded Gateway Client Manager 8.1 software (based on LANDesk technology). The Gateway E-2300 and E-4300 PCs are available today, while the Gateway E-6300 model — featuring the BTX chassis — ships in one week.