Use TrendMicro and ditch Norton Anti-Virus

I’ve been a long time user of Norton Anti-Virus, not necessarily because I liked it, but like Microsoft Word, because that’s what so many others have used and it was popular and kind of the leading “brand” on my mind.
ZD Net’s Robert Vamosi, Senior Editor, Reviews, writes that basically all anti-virus programs are the same in how they scan for viruses but the differences, then, lie in the nuances of these apps. How much of your system resources do they hog? How fast or how often does the vendor release its signature-file updates? And what additional features does the software offer?
He goes over McAfee and Norton Anti-virus and writes how so much less features these two products have then TrendMicro’s PC-cillin Internet Security 2005. Last year, I awarded PC-cillin our 2004 Editors’ Choice because Trend Micro included a firewall with its antivirus app and offered free technical support. I thought that was as good as it gets. Well, it just got even better.
This year’s version of Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security, CNET’s Editors’ Choice for 2005, includes an antivirus scanner, a firewall, antispam and antispyware capabilities, and parental controls–and that’s only the start. Trend Micro also added a wireless network monitor this year, allowing you to enable or deny wireless access for others to your network. And Trend made it possible to apply one set of security configuration rules across every computer on your home network (other apps require you to copy the configurations from machine to machine). Here’s the kicker: PC-cillin costs the same as Norton’s or McAfee’s antivirus apps. It also makes barely a dent in your system resources; when it’s scanning, you’ll hardly notice PC-cillin.