Want to see technology before others do? See DEMO

After 15 years renown as the premier launchpad for technology innovation, DEMO has reason to celebrate. February 13-15 in Scottsdale, AZ, Executive Producer Chris Shipley will look back at the top innovators and great moments of DEMOs past, and forecast forward with 70 of the world’s most promising new technologies.
“It seems incredible to grasp but more than 1,500 companies have launched at DEMO in the last 15 years,” said Shipley. “We watched Palm, TiVO and Java take off from DEMO and fly into the stratosphere. Products from last year’s conference are selling nationwide at Circuit City and T-Mobile. And the evolution of the tech market’s focus has been truly fascinating to watch. In celebrating this milestone for DEMO, we’re also celebrating the tech industry itself and its ability to adapt and remain the driving force behind business in the 21st century.”
Among the surprises in store during DEMO@15!:
** The Living Digital Pavilion — 15 of the coolest and most innovative
consumer technologies showcased in a home environment, ALL of which
will be raffled off to attendees!
** Closing Celebration Dinner — A celebratory dinner on the final night
of the conference, commemorating 15 years of technology innovation.
** 15 Great Moments at DEMO — Be sure to check out the DEMOletter Blog
each week for the countdown of DEMO’s greatest moments. You can even
nominate your own! http://www.demo.com/demoletter/
“Reviewing the programs from the past 15 years to identify the most exciting launches was a wonderful tour through the history of the technology industry. Through all the ups and downs of the market, DEMO has remained consistent as the scout for computing’s most exciting innovations,” said Shipley.
DEMO@15! is the result of months of searching by Shipley to find the most compelling and most likely-to-succeed companies in technology today. Approximately 70 companies will launch new, never-before-seen products and services at the conference. DEMO@15! takes place February 13-15, 2005 at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Online registration is available at http://www.demo.com/