Web Log Statistics – IT IS IMPORTANT

If you want to do well online, it’s important that you analyze the visitors coming to your web site. You need to know, in depth, who your visitors are, what ads brought in more revenue and etc. I use FreeStats.com for my web analysis tool.
A press release W Moore & Co announces the release of Web Stats Gold, (http://www.webstatsgold.com), a high power web analytics service dedicated to helping small e-commerce businesses, specifically startup and one owner websites. The package adds ad tracking for multiple campaigns, sales tracking and a number of other services to the basic web site performance analysis.
“Web Stats Gold grew out of a lot of client frustration”, said WG Moore, CEO of W Moore & Co. “Big companies are able to pay as much as $10,000 per month for true business analysis of their website traffic stats. But our clients, mostly small business owners, were stuck with raw web statistics because that is all that was available to them ≠ until now. One of our clients was even using a web site hit counter, which is totally useless if you are trying to run a serious business on the web.”
“Website stats programs just don’t give you the deep analysis you need to run a business. You still have to do a lot of work by hand: hours spent poring over log files, computing changes in the data, comparing time frames and computing performance figures. It takes a lot of time and effort that our clients could not really afford to spend.”
“In order for our clients to make sound business decisions, we gave them such tools as selectable time frame comparisons, percentage indicators for every item they were analyzing, a trend line indicator on the charts so that there was no mistake about the direction their business was headed, and a number of other tools only found in the most expensive services.”
“The most critical tools our clients asked for were sales analysis and advertising tracking. They wanted to find ways to control advertising costs and at the same time to increase online sales and ROI”, said Mr Moore. “Since these are critical to the success of an e-commerce website, we added those also.”
“We feel that we have now enabled the small business owner to compete one-to-one against any company on the internet today.” added Mr Moore. “But we continue to add features to make the product more robust. We always welcome comments and suggestions that will allow us and our clients to enhance our ROI.”