When New Viruses Spread How Fast Will You Get A Solution?

Panda Software, a leading developer of virus and intrusion prevention systems, has been recorded as the fastest company to offer complete protection with incremental updates, according to the “Anti-virus outbreak response testing and impact”(*), study carried out by the AV-Test.org, a project running in cooperation with the University of Magdeburg (Germany).
According to the survey, Panda Software was the first company to provide fully effective detection both of the malware and associated files. “There’s no doubt,” according Pedro Bustamante, Chief Marketing Officer at Panda Software, “that this study demonstrates the effectiveness of our solutions which unlike others in the survey, don’t need to wait for a second update in order to completely eradicate the malware and associated files. Thanks to our system of incremental updates, users will only be downloading the detection and disinfection routines for the viruses detected since the previous update — with the saving on time and resources that this implies.”
Thirty antivirus solutions were analyzed in the survey, checking — at least every five minutes — the effectiveness of their updates against new viruses that appeared between January and August 2004. “The time lapse between the discovery of a new strain of malware and the availability of the update to neutralize it is a key factor in whether a threat manages to spread successfully or not,” explains Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test.org. “Given that problems can occur during the update process that prevent users from updating solutions as rapidly as necessary, there is a need for new protection strategies that provide users with adequate protection against malware,” adds Marx.
In the second half of 2004, due to the proliferation of ever more sophisticated and rapidly spreading malicious code, Panda Software has launched TruPrevent Technologies, capable of anticipating and blocking threats before they leave or enter computers. “The combination of traditional security and antivirus systems with the new TruPrevent Technologies has allowed us to provide levels of security that were previously not thought possible against known and unknown viruses and intruders,” adds Bustamante.