When Technology Becomes Restrictive

Last week, I found myself strangling my email performance. I have Norton Anti Virus installed and scan my email as it goes out and as it goes in. This has caused a degradation of performance on my computer – at times causing Eudora to crash.
Next I installed an anti-spam tool, Choice Mail from DigiPortal. This tool also scans all email coming in and out.
Together, these two “scans” slowed my email down quite a bit – but what to do?
I could have made things worse by installing a free firewall like Zone Alarm.
What’s the story here? Security is important but at times security can go too far and limit you. So I have disabled Norton Anti Virus scanning email coming in and out, as I know it’s sufficient that any PROGRAM I open from email will be scanned in any case.
You’ve got to decide what is best for you. Don’t err by having too much and don’t err by having too less.