Wireless Access via WiFi – now flat rate pricing

iPass Inc. (NASDAQ:IPAS) today announced new monthly and annual flat-rate subscription plans for use of the Company’s U.S. Wi-Fi connectivity. Beginning December 1, 2004, iPass will offer its enterprise customers the ability to provide their employees unlimited use of the U.S. iPass Wi-Fi roaming network, which now includes over 5,000 T-Mobile HotSpot locations, for a flat rate. Through its partnerships with T-Mobile HotSpot and other Wi-Fi providers, the iPass Wi-Fi roaming network offers a leading worldwide footprint of enterprise-ready public hotspots, with thousands of locations in airports, hotels and restaurants across 47 countries. The new pricing plans complement existing per-minute and day-rate plans.
“iPass spends a lot of time in dialogue with our customers, and this pricing plan addresses the desires of some of our customers who wanted a way to make the cost of Wi-Fi use predictable,” said Jon Russo, vice president of marketing at iPass. “This ‘all-you-can-eat’ approach allows the IT department to reliably budget the cost of Wi-Fi hotspot access across an entire organization or for a subset within it. iPass expects this new optional pricing plan to further accelerate Wi-Fi usage.”
Wi-Fi hotspots are an attractive technology for increasing corporate productivity, but some enterprises have been wary of runaway costs. The new iPass flat-rate plans are expected to give IT departments the necessary cost predictability to help roll out Wi-Fi roaming to their mobile workers. These new plans provide economical flat rate pricing for the iPass roaming network, including access to T-Mobile HotSpot locations in the U.S., the largest carrier-owned Wi-Fi network in the country.
Using the iPass roaming network made up of public hotspots from a large number of disparate providers can be far more manageable and less expensive than creating similar coverage by stitching together multiple a la carte flat-rate plans. Users can get a single connection experience with a single username and password regardless of provider. The IT department can be confident that their mobile employees are connecting securely using the iPass Policy Orchestration security capabilities to help protect notebook computers and data transmission. iPass further offers detailed usage records, which together with reasonable and predictable pricing, can make budgeting and support simple.